​​“Automotive Influence”
Disclaimer: Before I share this “side” of me I must confess that I often see as much beauty in an old steel truck fender as I do a sculpture.  And even though I know that has mystified as well as horrified my fellow colleges, I  have been unable to ignore the allure of  vintage rust.

I enjoy restoring just about anything that echoes the past; a cigarette machine, a martini sign, a 1918 trip hammer.  Back in the year 2000 I had just completed the restoration of a 1947 Dodge one ton pickup. All that was left was to find original gages that were in better condition than my own. While I was in a junk yard in Napa crawling through each “retired” truck looking for parts I came across a 1936 dodge ½ ton pickup with a tree growing up through the engine. I quickly made a deal with the junk yard owner to let me put the truck on “layaway” and swore to return in three months. I went home and promptly sold the 47 and started a 6 year journey to restore the 36’. During those 6 years I have had great highs and lows. Winning a set of tools on Monster Garage and getting the opportunity to meet Richard and Kyle Petty (not to mention Jessie James) was certainly a high point. I suppose the lowest point is when I had missed several of my own self imposed deadlines to finish the project and I started using the truck to store things in. There were even a couple of years where I called my work space a “shop” instead of a “studio” because the project had come to dominate not only my time but my brain as well. I am happy to say that I have made peace with the beast now that it is complete. I have finally achieved form AND function with the help of several good ol’ boys.

2" chop

slanted cab

suicide doors

tooled leather interior

custom bed

mustang 2 front end

turbo 400 

1996 Corvette fuel injected engine